20,000 Brushstrokes

Inspiring lessons for joyful living beyond heartbreak, loss and discontent



In her new book, 20,000 Brushstrokes, Michelle Walker shares wisdom and insight about how to turn life's biggest challenges, like the death of loved ones, break down of relationships and loss of dreams, into opportunities to experience abundance and joy.

Michelle's stories will get you thinking, laughing, creating, and reflecting on your own journey. You will learn her five secrets to joyful living that will enable you to navigate the path no matter what life throws your way!

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads of transition or loss, or just feel your heart is heavy and you desire more – more passion, more love, more joy – dive into this book and let Michelle show you colourful and creative ways to come back to life!

20,000 Brushstrokes will open your heart to the space that art and mindfulness creates, so that you can feel again.

The back story...

In the aftermath of losing four close family members, Michelle Walker, an artist and businesswoman found herself reflecting on a lifetime of experiences and challenges, and the rich lessons and blessings they contained.
Honest, revealing, confronting, powerful – 20,000 Brushstrokes is one woman’s story of ordinary courage to live a meaningful life of joy and abundance.

With Michelle as your guide, you will explore how to:

  • Give voice to your authentic self
  • Embrace forgiveness of yourself and others
  • Deal with loss and grief
  • Recover from major relationship breakups
  • Deal with big life issues such as infertility
  • Heal through major health setbacks.

    ...And much more!

A message from Michelle just for you:

“I wanted to share my story with you, because it may be your story too. You may need to hear it told so you can recognise it for the first time, or if you’ve been on this journey a while, at a deeper, more connected level.

If this book can help you to discover how you can open up to a greater sense of Abundance and turn up your glorious light, then my heart will be full and my soul fulfilled!

And following the advice of the wonderful poet, Michael Leunig, I have let it out in this book, let it all unravel.

My hope is that it can be a path on which you travel, to define abundance for yourself and create it in full colour, on the canvas that is your life."


20,000 Brushstrokes is a feast for the eyes and
a gift for the heart and soul.

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"Michelle's stories will activate you to new levels of self-love, self-care,
self-confidence and self-celebration!"

~ Whitney Freya

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Meet the creative soul behind 20,000 Brushstrokes.

Michelle Walker is a business woman, coach and speaker. She is also an artist, a lover of nature and playful, joyful soul.

Through her coaching and retreat leadership programs, Michelle helps women from all walks of life get free from the stress and struggle they experience and find their path to joyful living. She is passionate about showing those who are called to blaze their own trail how to do so without losing their inspiration, or their sanity.

Known for her ability to blend spirituality with practical action and creativity with just about everything, she teaches her clients how to shed their old stories and open to their inner wisdom. In this way, women who work with Michelle feel empowered to create their next strongest selves doing meaningful work and enjoying the abundance that is their true nature.

In the past 15 years, she has grown and run several successful businesses, received awards for her work and been invited to teach and speak across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia. Today, Michelle lives on a farm in rural Australia with her husband Ian, Lulu (her beloved dog), their herd of happy cows, all nestled in the serenity of their hills!


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