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Welcome to the resources page for 20,000 Brushstrokes.

I hope you find these useful!

If you know which chapter you are looking for, click on the link above. Otherwise, feel free to scroll down and try one of the activities or visualisations I recorded to help you get on the path to a joyful life!

Chapter 1: Create Big Waves

Visualisation – At Your Childhood Kitchen Table

Chapter 2: Raise Your Words

Visualisation – In the Spotlight

Chapter 3: Dance the Forgiveness Cha-Cha

Templates for Holding on & Letting go activity

Visualisation – The Forgiveness Campfire

Chapter 4: Rediscover Your Bliss

Template for A Full Heart activity

Visualisation – The Artist’s Cottage

Chapter 5: Release the Butterfly, Embrace the Snake

Visualisation – Finding Peace with Failure

Chapter 6: Leap with Angel’s Wings

Visualisation – Mountain Flying

Chapter 7: Practice Radical Self-Acceptance

Template for Body Mapping

Visualisation – A Journey Within

Chapter 8: Be a Rainbow Maker

Template for your Rainbow Mandala painting

Visualisation – Rainbow Activation